About Team REIL Inc.

Bringing Custom Floating Docks to the Residents of Illinois.

About Team REIL Inc.

History and Description:

For over 30 years, throughout Northern & Central Illinois, Team REIL, Inc. has proudly provided our customers the finest in recreational park equipment and furnishings.

We specialize in:

We offer FREE design expertise, high-quality equipment, warrantees, provide on-site repair, and stand behind each and every item we install.

Our number one priority is you, our customer.

Our fully staffed, family-run operation assures we are available and responsive. We offer more sales staff more often to assure you the most in personalized service.

And we do it all. Whether your budget is big or small, we can design, supply, install & maintain your docking system, park or playground.

Our expanded sales staff assures you the most in personalized service.

Team REIL Inc.